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2D Animation | 4.5 min | India | 2021

Written, Animated, Directed and Produced by Gitanjali Rao 

Sound Design by PM Satheesh and Manoj M Goswami | Fireflys Post Sound


An old man must find a way to make his beloved’s time in the hospital, less dreary, without being able to hold her hand. Memories, music and a cat brings them together in the midst of the pandemic. ‘Tomorrow My Love’ is a ballad about touching the heart without being able to touch.

Director's note:It is believed that hearing is the last sense to leave the body as one dies. As the pandemic raged in 2020, this fact became more and more relevant to me as we were surrounded by the lonely deaths of loved ones, all over the world. I worked on this idea and created the little film “Tomorrow My love”, painting it frame by frame with all the time I had during the lockdown months. The idea that love makes you find ways when there aren’t any left.

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